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The 4.5" Zipper Craw imitates a medium sized crayfish. There is no salt in this bait which allows the claws to float upward, similar to the position a crawdad takes when being threatened by a predator.  The soft ribbed body traps air and slowly releases air bubbles which fish feel as vibrations on their lateral line. The ribs give it a feel and texture that bass love and they just don’t want to let go of it when they get it in their mouths. Relative to other soft plastic craw designs, the lack of plastic in the head and center of the Zipper Craw becomes an advantage when setting the hook. There is very little plastic for the hook to penetrate. From use as a jig trailer to duty as a flipping or pitching bait to just being fished like a Texas rigged worm, the Zipper Craw offers the angler much more versatility than other crawdad imitations.

PACK SIZE: 6 Per Pack  

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